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About Us

The goal of this organization is to address the growing concerns associated with street racing by providing racers with a safe, entertaining and controlled environment, thus minimizing street racing associated injuries and fatalities. Established in 2008 by CEO & President, Jeremy J. Ford, NALSR (National Association for Legalized Street Racing) was established to give credibility to this outstanding sport and some of the best drivers on the road. No longer will street racing be stigmatized by its reckless past which has been highly publicized and profiled in detail by the media in a negative light. The media will now be invited to profile the street racing community for their talent, fast cars, and racing sport credibility.

Street racing now has a time and a place on the track in a sophisticated and organized manner. NALSR is currently teaming up with tracks across the US, to give street racers the opportunity to race in a safe and entertaining environment, enhancing the fans experience in the process, and free of legal interruption. When racers join NALSR, they will become recognized for the athletes they are. They will also be able to establish an identity and brand themselves, thus growing their fan base and helping establish an organized sport.



Jeremy J. Ford - CEO

- Founded NALSR in 2008.

- Host of "Street Kings."

- From Los Angeles, California.

Osby Tomlin - Media

- Has a B.S. in Computer Graphics.

- Social Media Guru.

- IT Specialist.

Christopher Beasley - Branding

- Has a B.S. in International Business.

- Promotional Advisor.

- Corporate Marketing.

Katie Levy - Intership Coor.

- Has a B.S. in Mass Comm.

- From St. Louis, Mo.

- Public Relations.


Do you want to race with us? Send us an action shot to show us what you can do. Email the photo with a description to info@nalsr.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


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    Here is your chance to become a professional street racer. For a one year fee of $40, you can have access to various discounts, special promotions and most importantly, you are able to race at NALSR events.

    You're membership fee includes:

    1. Letter from NALSR president Jeremy J. Ford
    2. Professional Street Racing code of ethics
    3. NALSR Rule Book
    4. NALSR membership T-Shirt
    5. NALSR membership Sticker

    So act fast and join the fastest growing motorsport in America. And remember, Keep it on the Track!  




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